Discover What XLOOKUP Can Do For YOU (R.I.P. Excel VLOOKUP)

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No more VLOOKUP?! The NEW Excel XLOOKUP Function is here to stay!

Discover how XLOOKUP can solve your Excel lookup problems. Remember all those times your VLOOKUP wasn't working? You will have a better chance of getting your lookup formula correct on the first try.

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AVAILABILITY - The XLOOKUP function is currently only available to Office 365 users who are members of “Office Insiders”. XLOOKUP is soon to be released to all Office 365 users. When? We don't have a date yet!

What is XLOOKUP?

If you need to lookup a value on another Excel sheet or table, you can use the XLOOKUP function. Here are some of its features:

- XLOOKUP can lookup values to the left OR right-hand side of the lookup range.

- XLOOKUP looks for an exact match by default (you can change it if you like)

- Use XLOOKUP to look for the next smallest value or the next largest value (approximate or close match)

- XLOOKUP can do vertical AND horizontal lookups

- XLOOKUP can find the first match or the last match (reverse lookup)

And guess what? XLOOKUP can also be combined with another XLOOKUP to lookup values inside a matrix - which means XLOOKUP can replace INDEX & MATCH formulas too!

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